APIs Require a New Security Paradigm

Secure your APIs with the highest level of accuracy, against the most advanced cyber attacks by leveraging Artificial Intelligence with L7 Defense.


What if you could automate your API security, without writing a single rule?

Detect  |  Define  |  Protect

The Ammune™ API Security Solution protects your web systems, from the most advanced applicative attacks at very high precision, with no impact to normal operations.

How it's different

  • Accurate: extremely low false positives / negatives rate

  • Automatic monitoring: auto-discovers every API and continuously monitors it and adapts its baselines

  • Adaptive: requires no rules, settings or signatures, continuous self-learning mode

  • Zero Trust: all request are suspicious

  • Elastic: scales elastically for hi-volume attacks

  • Plug & Play solution: with immediate time to value for your company