Real Cyber Resilience for forward-thinking  organizations

Train your people to know how to react when your perimeters are breached with CyberFish.



Cyber security is changing. It’s no longer enough to secure your systems and simply make your people ‘aware’. They have to know what to do.

Empower your incident response team

We combine organisational psychology and industry leading cyber security expertise to assess and improve your team’s incident response capabilities using a thorough 5 step process.


Psychometric testing

A thorough psychometric test helps uncover the digital talent profile of your team members and lay the groundwork for tailored challenges for everyone.


Incident exercising

Provide virtual or co-located realistic cyber attack scenarios tailored to the seniority of each group, from board to technical team.


Competency assessment

Our team of organisational psychologists and cyber security experts assess your team’s crisis response and deliver a competency based development plan with specific, measurable targets for each team member.


Sustainable improvement

Our experts assign Cyber Resilience Champions to own the business continuity process internally and connect them to our own network of champions to facilitate knowledge sharing and ongoing learning.

Certification and Active Resilience

Our experts certify your team to the ability achieved, and advise organisational amendments to carry forwards. We then arrange regular check ins and dates to continuously reassess the organisation.

Awareness isn't enough. Technology isn't enough. Preparing your team is key.

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Prepare your team. Foster resilience. Improve results.